The Aharoni Jewellery Design Competition

A once in a lifetime chance to see your dream design come to life!!! Aharoni Jewellery provided the materials, and you let your imagination run wild.

For each competition we provided a selection of stones to use. Contestants designed a piece and submitted it to our Facebook page. Our followers and fans then voted on the design they like most, and the winning design was crafted by Aharoni Jewellery as one of our first projects for then new year and posted on website, Facebook page and Instagram to be seen by over 22,000 Aharoni Jewellery fans and followers. The winner was awarded the piece free of charge to be worn proudly!

We strongly believe that designing original, creative, beautiful pieces is not something that only professional designers can do.

The 2016 Design Competition

In 2016 we provided a Trapezium cut Smokey Quartz, a princess cut Citrine, three black diamonds and two white diamonds as inspiration stones.

The 2016 Design Competition winning entry.

2016 Winner – Editha Hooijer
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The 2015 Design Competition

In 2015 we provided this beautiful red Tourmaline, three white diamonds and two black diamonds as the inspiration stones to be used.

The 2015 Design Competition winning entry.

2015 Winner – Nina Lange
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The 2014 Design Competition

In 2014 we provided these nine garnets as the inspiration stones to be used.

The 2014 Design Competition winning entry.

2014 Winner – Corinne Hollier
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