SchoolVisitIn November 2014 we had an unusual visit of a group of kids from the Deakin School for Early Learning to our studio. They were learning about various professions and visited their parents’ places of work, so our son who has been doing some work with the kids offered that they come and see his parents’ place of work. And so they did!

They were fascinated to hold a gold nugget in their hands and see how heavy it is... Eytan explained and demonstrated to the kids how  gold is melted and drawn in the roller to create plates and wires and every stage of the rolling was passed around for everyone to touch and feel... We had lots of questions from the kids, and even let them try on some jewellery!!! We actually think the teachers who came with the kids had as much fun as the kids if not even more!!! As a gift we gave each one of our guests a piece of rough Tourmaline to take home.

This was a visit enjoyed by all! Thank you Evelyn, Sarah, Gourie and Matan for organising this special event!