Custom Design

This is why we do what we do!!!!

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There’s nothing we love more in this business than the opportunity to sit down with our customer and share the process of creating a truly individual piece. Starting from scratch, choosing the right stone for you and designing your personalized individual piece in the one thing we do best. We will help you all the way and guide you so you can make your dream piece come to life. We will not let you walk out the door unless you are completely happy with what you are getting!


Call us now to make an appointment with Eytan & Nurit and start the journey to your dream piece.

Remodelling - old jewellery

Remodelling of family heirlooms and old jewellery

If you inherited this old piece of jewellery that has been in the family for generations but it is just something you will not wear as is, why don’t you remodel it into something you can enjoy wearing? We will use the metals and the stones from the original piece you bring us, so the sentimental value is still kept in the family for future generations to share. Sometimes it takes just a slight modification to a piece, after which you will be able to wear and enjoy it for many years to come!

The ring you loved ten years ago does not make you smile anymore?

Are the stones in your ring look a bit tired? 
Got a piece of jewellery as a gift that you have never worn? 
Is your drawer full of broken chains, one earring left after you lost its pair, small rings that don’t fit you anymore?

Remodelling is the way to go! We will melt down the gold of the piece you wish to have changed and remake it into a new, fresh looking piece according to your request. If the amount of gold you supply us is enough to make your new piece then all you would be paying for is the labor. This makes a big difference! Collect all your gold leftovers and make a pile – no matter what the karat or the colour of the gold is. Bring it over to our studio and we will weigh it all in front of you, and we can discuss what you would like made! Give your gold a new life and enjoy wearing it again.

Jewellery Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your jewellery clean and mountings secure

Our customers are welcome to hand us their jewellery as often as they like for Eytan to inspect under the microscope ensuring that settings are intact and metal is clean and in good condition.

Our warranty for the piece you purchase from us depends on your getting the jewellery inspected regularly, at least once a year, throughout its lifetime. We will give your jewellery a thorough clean, inspect all the settings, tighten any loosened stones , replate the piece when necessary, all as a free service to our customers.


Setting your gems

If you have some loose gemstones in your possession and you would like to have them set in a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery – you are welcome to bring your gems and sit with us to design a piece that would show their beauty.

We can also supply you with some additional stones in case they are needed.

Remodelled piece

Descriptions and insurance quotes

Detailed description of any item purchased

When you purchase jewelry from Aharoni Jewellery we include a complimentary item description which details the information regarding the piece you have purchased. This is the document you can submit to your insurance company for coverage.

Insurance replacement quotes for customers

In the unfortunate event of loss, theft or damage to your jewellery we will supply you with a replacement quote for you to provide to your insurer. Since all our pieces are one- offs, it only makes sense that we are the ones who make the replacement for the item lost or damaged.


Repairs and ring resizing

Jewellery repair

We offer complimentary repair service on jewelry purchased from Aharoni Jewellery at the time of purchase: if a ring you are getting needs a size adjustment we will do it free of charge.

If you need to send jewellery to us for repair please give us a call before doing so in order to get instructions on how to send your piece.

We provide expert repairs- big and small - also for jewelry not purchased from us, in sterling silver, gold, palladium and platinum. Repairs such as ring sizing, setting, tightening of stones, pearl restringing, plating and complimentary cleaning.

Resizing Mokume Gane 

Sizing of mokume gane rings is possible only if it is not a drastic size change – up to three sizes up or down is possible for Eytan to do without damaging the patterns on the ring.

Each piece of Aharoni Jewellery is presented in our own signature jewelry box.

All purchases will be presented in our elegant matte black shopping bag.

Restoration of old jewellery

Restoration of old jewellery

Jewellery made of all metals will wear out with time. We can restore or remake an old, meaningful piece that has great sentimental value so it can stay in the family for many more generations. You are welcome to bring it into our studio and we can help you prolong the life of your family heirloom.